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20 January 2021
Using end-user subsidies to achieve universal energy access


1. How to register 

  • Register for the event by clicking on the white button "Register " on the upper right side of the website. 
  • You will receive an email with an activation link to verify your email address and finish your registration.

If you need any assistance during this process, please contact your personal onboarding advisor (See “My profile”).


2. How to create your password

  • Choose a password for your profile during the registration process.
  • The website of the smart-end-user-subsidies is powered by the software provider b2match. In case you have participated in an event powered by b2match before, you may reactivate your former profile and reuse your respective password to log in.

    3. What to do when you forgot your Password


      If you have forgotten your password:
      Click on “Login” in the  top right corner and follow the link that says "Forgot your password?”. 

      Enter the email address you used to register with b2match. Then click on the Reset Password button.

      The system will send you an email to this address to reset your password.

      The screen of the notification email looks like this. Click the “Reset Password” button:

      Please enter a new password with more than 8 characters. You will have to enter it twice to confirm. 

      After the new password is set, the system automatically logs in to your account and the password change is complete.



        4. How to set my individual time zone

          All participants need to include their personal time zone in the section “My profile”. This is very important, as your individual event agenda will be set by the system based on this information.

          Example: Germany 
          Settings at “my profile”:

        5. How to add country sessions

        You can register for one country session, please inform yourself about the contents, before choosing a country session.

        To add a country session, first you click on agenda. Then, you click on the displayed country sessions, to see the contents.

        If you decided for a session, please click on "Add". You are still able to change the sessions before the event starts.

        6. Where can I get support?

        • If you need any assistance during the registration or booking phase, please contact your personal onboarding advisor (See “My profile”).
        •  During the event, please contact our support team via the chat button in the lower right corner of the screen.

        Closed since 20 January 2021
        United States 85
        Kenya 78
        United Kingdom 74
        Germany 37
        France 34
        Netherlands 31
        Nigeria 22
        Mozambique 22
        South Africa 19
        Uganda 18
        India 15
        Spain 14
        Belgium 14
        Switzerland 14
        Rwanda 12
        Senegal 12
        Italy 11
        Tanzania, United Republic Of 11
        Cameroon 10
        Zambia 10
        China 9
        Ethiopia 8
        Portugal 8
        Austria 8
        Niger 8
        Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The 8
        Norway 6
        Malawi 6
        Angola 5
        China (Hong Kong) 5
        Haiti 4
        Madagascar 4
        Côte d'Ivoire 4
        Denmark 4
        Israel 4
        Indonesia 4
        Pakistan 3
        Sweden 3
        Liberia 3
        Finland 3
        Togo 3
        Canada 3
        Zimbabwe 3
        Myanmar 3
        Australia 2
        South Korea 2
        Sierra Leone 2
        Namibia 2
        Lithuania 2
        Bangladesh 2
        Singapore 2
        Burundi 2
        Mauritania 2
        Nepal 2
        Japan 2
        Sudan 1
        Benin 1
        Guinea 1
        Colombia 1
        Ghana 1
        Peru 1
        Thailand 1
        Papua New Guinea 1
        Mali 1
        Cape Verde 1
        Burkina Faso 1
        Chile 1
        Malaysia 1
        Afghanistan 1
        Botswana 1
        Yemen 1
        Guatemala 1
        Congo 1
        Western Sahara 1
        Norfolk Island 1
        Tunisia 1
        Greece 1
        Lesotho 1
        Antigua And Barbuda 1
        Total 708